Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From the Department of D'oh!

Here I have this platform devoted to posting about Bela Lugosi, and I completely forget to announce the fact that Bela Lugosi is the September "Bad Movie Personality of the Month" at the little website I've created to support my upcoming book, 150 Movies You (Should Die Before You) See.

The website went live on September 1, but I obviously haven't done much to promote it. (The book itself will in stores on November 18.)

If you go there, you'll even be able to watch one of Lugosi's movies online. I'm featuring "The Corpse Vanishes". It's one of his weirdest, and one that made it into the "Freaky Families" chapter of my book. It's a bit of an odd-man-out that chapter, as it contains a couple of my FAVORITE films, and it's possibly a bit of family counseling. As I say in the book, watch those movies, and you'll realize that your screwed-up family may not be so bad after all.)

To visit the website and watch the movie, click here. While there, swing by the message board, and drop a thought or two about Bela Lugosi in the Bela Lugosi thread on the "Those Without Whom We Would Not Be Here" forum.